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Skin Lightening

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Skin Lightening

Do you prefer to leave the lights off? For some women, this has become a normal request in the bedroom due to self-consciousness about cellulite, wrinkles, droopy breasts and not so-taut tummies. Yet there’s one area of insecurity that many women don’t mention: embarrassing dark or discolored areas down there. While discoloration in these intimate areas is natural many men and women find it not-so-desirable. Intimate skin lightening is a safe and easy way to lighten your skin and bring that sexy back into your bedroom.

types of


Anal area
Anal area only, not full butt. Must book inner butt strip wax with this service.
Must book underarm wax with this service.

Full Buttocks
Must book full butt wax with this service.
Must book thigh wax with this service.
Vagina area
Must book Brazilian wax with this service.
I was a first time Brazilian client. My esthetician was awesome, I was very nervous going to my appointment, and warned her I was a first timer. She took wonderful care of me and made me feel at ease. The setting was very clean and professional.

- Louisa B.